Try before you buy … Listen to audio clips of the Dark Horse Ceilidh Band in action

Scroll down for examples of some of the different styles of dance tune that you're likely to encounter at a ceilidh: jigs, reels, hornpipes and more … as well as a taste of the music that we might play between dances. When we play for dances, we often play several tunes in a 'set' – these clips are shorter to give you a taste of what we play.

We also have a small number of videos on YouTube. These are recorded live, so the audio is not of the highest quality, but hopefully they will give you a idea of what you might expect from a ceilidh with us.

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Jigs: A Night on the Gin &
The Bedbreaker, both by Ian Wilson

Reels: Shepton Mallet &
In The Toy Shop

Hornpipes: Sailor Boy, by Dave Howes &
Borobridge Hornpipe

Slow Air: Crianlarich, by Ray Black

Polkas: Andy Boyes', Denis Murphy's & John Ryan's.
We wouldn't play these tunes quite this fast for dancing.

Zycanthos (or Zakynthos) Jig, by Roger Watson

Jigs: The Kesh Jig &
Fair Jenny's Jig

Reels: The Old Grey Cat &
McLennon's Reel

Hornpipes: President Garfield's Hornpipe, Alexander's Favourite &
Admiral Dogsbody, by Peter Norman

Waltzes: Margaret's Waltz &
Farewell to Devon, both by Pat Shuldham-Shaw

Dill Pickles Rag, by Charles L. Johnson:
a cheerful ragtime tune for between dances

Slip Jigs: Barney Brallaghan &
The Rocky Road to Dublin